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"Re-registering a Vehicle in Spain"

The most frequently asked questions are:

When do I have to re-register my vehicle in Spain?

The Embassy in Madrid writes about this (as of April 2019)

Ref: RK 451 E
leaflet for the registration of a EU vehicle in Spain.


Obligation to register the vehicle in Spain:

After residence in Spain, your motor vehicle, which is to remain permanently in Spain, must be re-registered with a Spanish number plate
Source: Embassy Madrid

Check if your vehicle can be registered in Spain at all (homologation)

Before you even take a step towards exporting the vehicle, you should check whether your vehicle type is homologated in Spain, i.e. that the vehicle manufacturer at the time had the type of your vehicle (not only the brand and model, but the type with all its characteristica) removed for Spanish traffic. Your vehicle type can be uU. only be approved for Inglish traffic. Here your dealer or the general representation
of your vehicle brand can help you.

Source:  Embassy Madrid

What documents do I need for a change of registration? 

The documents and documents necessary for a change of registration can be found on the page "Car-Re-registration".


How much does a change of registration cost?

For a non-binding cost estimate we need different information about the vehicle. Please go to the "Request Quote" page in the main menu.


How long does it take to re-register?

After successful acceptance of the vehicle by the Spanish MOT (ITV), a change of registration usually takes 25 - 30 days (in the months of July and August it may take a few days longer)


How is the vehicle deregistered in my country?

After successful re-registration, you can unsubscribe from your registration office in your country. 

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